About Us


Asian World Media is created by the talented and passionate team to deliver high-quality entertainments for Vietnamese community throughout the world.
The impressions you need at an impressive value.

Our History


Asian World Media is one of the leading Vietnamese entertainment companies in the production, development, marketing of entertainment, updates, and information to a global audience.

Asian World Media owns and runs a portfolio of broadcasting networks, and operates in leading Vietnamese productions. You can see us on several operators, including Direct TV, Galaxy 19 Satellite, and KWHY 22.7.
Target Win. And Win again.

Our Mission


Our mission at AWM is to create a platform to preserve the Vietnamese culture while bridging one generation to the next. We accomplish this through our passion for establishing unparalleled contents and delivering in a unity atmosphere across the Vietnamese community.

We are your one-stop entertainment center to feel at home without being at home. We believe in everything we do, and everything we make must be the best possible.
Reach the audience you want.

Our Team



Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sam Nguyen, founder, and CEO of Asian World Media is one of the most passionate and influential figures in the Vietnamese Community. Dr. Sam Nguyen, also known affectionately as Di Ai Hong Sam, is a distinguished Doctor of Naturopathy, an accomplished Entrepreneur, Scholar, Philanthropist, and a Graduate of Executive Education from Harvard Business School.

One of Nguyen's most treasured moments was when she was awarded the 2014 President's Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama for President's Lifetime Achievement Award; this is the highest honor from the President of the United States which recognizes those who contribute more than 4000 hours of service in their lifetime.

Now, Nguyen's mission is to bring the Vietnamese community together on one platform. Nguyen believes that together the community will make a larger impact on the world because living is giving.

"The degree of living is measured by the degree of giving. It is not about how much one can get in return. Helping others without reasons and expectation. Now, that's living."

Di Ai Hong Sam

Stable Anchor Manor Foundation

Nguyen is presently involved in drawing afocus to her Foundation, Stable Anchor Manor (S.A.M.) Foundation. The S.A.M. Foundation was established in Texas during 2009 for the purpose of providing support and guidance to homeless, runaway and at-risk youth. She plans to open another S.A.M. Foundation in Southern California in 2017. The S.A.M Teen Achieve Scholarship Award was founded in 2016. The first student recipient awarded the college tuition is from San Diego, California.

Nguyen believes that living is giving. S.A.M. Foundation continues to thrive in its mission. Dr. Sam Nguyen wants Asian World Media to be a platform where everyone can come together to create an everlasting impact to the world. Together, we can change the world.


Chief Operating Officer

Le Trung Cang is the Chief Operating Officer at Asian World Media. Le Trung Cang uses his passion along with his years of expertise to guide the inspiring crew members at Asian World Media. Together the team directs and produces the contents on Asian World Media.

Le Trung Cang graduated from Syracuse University in New York; where he doubled major with a degree in Computer Science and Business Administration. Le Trung Cang followed his heart to Southern California where he found his true passion for directing. Later, Le Trung Cang produced and directed several television contents such as commercials and music videos featuring famous Vietnamese celebrities. In a short period, Le Trung Cang became very well known in the Vietnamese community.

He co- founded the 16:9 Post Group, one of the first Vietnamese entertainment productions that shot in High Definition. He also founded Xichlo Pictures along with Bellevent, a production company that specializes in capturing breathtaking moments.

"The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter."

Marcus Tullius Cicero


Program Director

Xuan Lan Vu is the Program Director of Asian World Media. Vu grew up in Vietnam and started her career as a journalist in 1996. She has over 20 years of experience in hosting and being a publisher for the media industry. In addition, Vu use her insights and knowledge to capture the authenticity of the Vietnamese culture from across the seas. In her free time, she enjoys discovering new cultures and hoping to increase her knowledge through working with Asian World Media.


Technical Director

Cuong Manh Nguyen is presently an Engineer @ House Of Batteries, he has been Chief Engineer for over 21 years at KDOC TV. He has education knowledge in FCC regulations and Engineer for Broadcast system with management title. He very detailing, passion & created with building studio/media system also contract responsible high power UHF transmitter and antenna tower. Now he joined Asian World Media continue doing what he is good & love to assist new & young generation.


Marketing Director

Nina Nguyen is the marketing director at Asian World Media, where she delivers her expertise in marketing while discovering her Vietnamese roots. Nina was born and raised in the United States. She is bilingual; speaks fluently in English and Vietnamese. She attended the California State University of Fullerton with the concentration in Business Marketing. Nguyen also has a financial background as a finance educator where she focusses on educating the public with financial strategies to achieve their financial independence.